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1/10 Touring Car DF-Wing Set
Part#: 27050

The DF Wing set marks the new era of High Downforce inspired Nature Bio Design. The unique wave forms are directly inspired by the cross section of a Dragon Fly feather which generates down force from the lowest speed. Even under strong wind conditions, the dragon fly is capable of remaining in perfect stationary position with minium up lift wing movements.
Thanks to this hint from Nature, Thai Ride is the first to study the air flow, retro engineer and apply the design to RC wing aerodynamics.

To accomodate most of Touring Car applications, the DF Wing Set comes with 2 types:
A Type: Medium High Speed for Modified configuration and/or wide track layout featuring full length wave shape.
B Type: Medium Low Speed for Stock configuration and/or technical track layout featuring wave shape on the sides only.

DF Wing set
Type B “Medium Low Speed ×1 (Clear)
Type A “Medium High Speed ×1 (Clear)
Includes 4 Carbon pattern Side Plates

Product Number 27050
Product Name 1/10 Touring Car DF-Wing Set
Barcode Number 4 512205 27050 9
Fit for 1/10 Touring