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Front Spring for F-1 Rubber Tire (Soft)
Part#: 28016


  • These front spring sets are developed for rubber tire use and can be adapted to F-103, F-104 and F Ten Chassis.
  • No. 28005 spring set are now available as a set without the plastic case.
  • The spring set (4 pieces each) are declined in Super Soft, Soft and Medium rate.
    The painting markings appear only on the Soft and Medium rate.
  • Springs are made from high-quality wire rods. They will keep their highest performance level for an extra long period of use .


Product Number 28016
Product Name Front Spring for F-1 Rubber Tire (Soft)
Price(JPY) 250
Barcode Number 4512205280164
Fit for F-1
Qty 4