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Subaru WRX STI 4Door(Light Weight) White Pre-Colored
Part#: 27015W

Powered by the success of the clear version of our WRX STI “4door” bodyshell, we are proposing it
now in 3 different colors (Flashy Yellow, Flashy Orange and White). The color film is buit-in the PC
sheet and the bodyshell shows a weight of less than 90g in this lightweight fully assembly version.

  1. Matching IFMAR regulations for 1/10 EP Touring Car Application.
  2. Ideal balance between high speed stability and steering, generating maximum corner speed.
  3. Pre-cut Wing for High Rear Downforce.
  4. Development supervised by World Champion Atsushi Hara and Shinnosuke Adashi.
  5. Body post locator patch is available for download on our website.
  6. Colored Light weight bodyshell ideally suitable for expert driver practice sessions.
  7. Product officially licenced by FHI:
  1. High downforce Wing x 1 《Pre cut》
  2. Side Dams x 2
  3. STi Decal sheet x 1
  4. RIDE New Precut sticker board x 1
  5. Attachment bolts x 4

Body post locator patch download

Product Number 27015W
Product Name Subaru WRX STI 4Door(Light Weight) White Pre-Colored
Barcode Number 4512205270226
Fit for 1/10 Touring